之前已经开发好了基于Node.js的flac metadata读写工具,稍加改动应该就可以在线使用了。


Obsessive-compulsive patients Gospel: I am going to develop a free flac label and cover editing tool. Although flac is widely used, the lossless downloads of major platforms in China are based on flac encryption, but the flac-related packages are rarely developed.

Domestic music software often does not add a cover to the flac audio file. For patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, it should be very difficult.

The Node.js-based flac metadata read/write tool has been developed before, and it can be used online with minor changes.

This is my open source Flac editing tool: https://github.com/ishowshao/metaflac-js

Google的机器翻译真的牛逼!Google’s machine translation is really good!